AW Logistics UAB

       Vilnius/ Lithuania


We are pleased to announce the opening of AW Logistics UAB, our Lithuanian subsidiary, as of           April 2014. Our Vilnius office is now offering a range of high-quality services for transportation           throughout Europe and onwards to the Russian Federation. German Quality Service at the                   Best Price! AW Logistics UAB offers the following services:



















The expertise offered by UAB AW Logistics enable us to further build on our                                           provision of a high-quality, professional service when it comes to forwarding your                                   goods throughout Europe & Russia.




●      Fully enclosed bonded warehouse with 34000m2.

●      Fully equipped for loading with modern forklift trucks and stationary crane capable

         of moving up to 300 tonnes.

●      The warehouse is complete with a direct rail connection.

●      Customs office on the premises.

●      Comprehensive security system with 24/7 surveillance of the car parks and warehouse.

●      The possibility to weigh both trucks and individual shipments.

●      Preparation of all customs documents on the premises regardless of their complexity.

●      Customs clearance for goods coming from with the EU.

●      Possibility to reload trucks for indirect shipments.

●      Complete client confidentiality with regard to documentation.

●      The perfect solution for all your logistic requirements!



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