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Project transportation (i. e. delivery of entire plants, large consignments of industrial equipment, production lines, etc.) is the most complex cargo transportation type, which implies thorough training and requires maximum team work to arrange the cargo delivery.

In many cases project transportation rests on a ‘block’ principle. It’s based on the pre-arranged loading and ensures simultaneous arrival of all trucks at the destination customs point, which permits the consignee to declare all the cargo items at the destination customs as a single line (installation).

With so many years of experience, highly professional personnel and brand new fleet, our  company will carry out project transportations of any complexity level.


Projects transportation stages include:


  •   Customer requirements’ analysis;

  •   Operative group establishing to work on the project;

  •   Optimal route developing to deliver the cargo from the consignor to the consignee;

  •   Delivery cost indicating at the contract preparation stage;

  •   Getting all the permits and other transport documents required for transportation;

  •   Developing of cargo layout plans on the truck;

  •   Developing and coordinating of loading schemes and cargo fastening drawings;

  •   Designing of special fastening elements and gates;

  •   Cargo insurance;

  •   Preparing and presenting the special-purpose trucks;

  •   Cargo tracking at any transportation stage;

  •   Providing militarized cargo convoy if necessary;

  •   Arranging deliveries under conditions of import, export or customs transit;

  •   Delivery report preparing;

  •   Complete documentation, technical drawings;

  •   Technical survey routes;

  •   Arrangement of specialist personnel to escort cargo including the police;

  •   Regular refresher training of our staff;

  •   Customs clearance;

  •   Expert, safe and secure loading.


The transportation of outsized and bulky cargoes from / to the countries of EC, the CIS, Central Asia and Kazakhstan is one of the specializations of our company.

We have the great experience in solution of the most difficult logistic tasks in the sphere of transportation of cargoes with dimensions that do not permit transportation by roads of general use and require special permissions as well as organizational and technical actions.
Our customers are delivered from a difficult and long procedure of planning and approval of outsized cargoes traffic.

In the shortest terms our team schemes the transportation and receives all the necessary approvals and permissions in the countries of shipment and destination as well as in all transit countries. We organize if needed the special escort of the cargo by the traffic police and special technical services throughout the route.

When the order is received, the cargo can start its traffic within two or three weeks.

In the case of necessity of transportation of cargoes with large weight and dimensions parameters the project will be designed taking into consideration the transportation by special vehicles belonging to our partners.

Our experience allows to reduce considerably our customers’ transport expenses and to carry it out in shortest terms.

The high level of competence of our employees and excellent characteristics of motor-vehicles that we use allow our company being one of the leaders in the market of project transportations.

Our company is able to solve various difficult logistic tasks from transportation of an equipment lot to establishment of a new industrial enterprise.

The project approach to the organization of transportations allows us to take part in the elaboration of the logistical scheme for our customers at the earliest stages of the project.

We help to reduce considerably the costs of equipment delivery, to optimize terms and sequence of delivery of separate cargo batches, to consider the necessity of complex customs registration of great volumes of cargoes carried by various types of transport.

The project transportations often include the full list of transportations in which our deep experience and excellent competence are shown up to the full extent. This includes the transportation of bulky and heavy cargoes as well as transportation of expensive cargoes and transportation of dangerous cargoes (ADR).

The working group of our experts creates at the basis of our customers’ Requirements Specification the project of the optimal solution of the most difficult logistics tasks.




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